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​​​​​Working Scientifically (KS2+)    Science Literacy (Y5-adult)

School Science Day                Musical Science (KS2)

The Extinction Games (KS3+)   Palaeo-Puzzles (KS3+)

Rock Mapping (KS3+)                 Geo-Challenge (KS3+)

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    "Amazing with the children."     "Very relevant to the curriculum."

"Fantastic workshop.  Really hands-on, investigative learning."

"Well-timed, well-paced, well-resourced activities for a range of needs, interests and learning styles."

    "Fully engaged the children."    "Dr Helen is a fountain of knowledge." 

"The children loved having a real scientist come to visit."

Science Workshops


Get very hands-on with rocks, fossils, soils and artifacts. Unearth, examine, compare, sort, and investigate hundreds of specimens. Learn how to read the clues that the past has left for us. Discover how different the world and its creatures were in the deep, deep past. Be amazed by the story of Evolution (including your own). ​Learn how vital the earth and its resources are to us, and gain a new appreciation for the natural world. Every rock has a story to tell....

Dr Helen, professional palaeontologist & child-friendly scientist, brings rocks, fossils, artefacts, games, challenges, knowledge & enthusiasm into your classroom to help you, the teachers, inspire a future generation of scientists & creative thinkers.  Ideal for your Science Week, curriculum topic, or as enrichment activities, Palaeoquest workshops are very "hands-on".  Children are encouraged to explore, discover, ask questions, and work together - in the way that real science is done.  Dr Helen (BSc, MSc, PhD) has worked in universities & industry, & has published her research in international journals.  She now works with schools to provide innovative & engaging STEM, Geography & History activities to pupils... always backed up by real science.           

             01442 828866

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Evolve-Inherit-Adapt (KS2+)      Rocks & Fossils (KS2+)

Stone Age to Iron Age (KS1/2)​​     Dinosaur Hunters (KS1/2)