Get hands-on with rocks, fossils and soils. Examine, compare, sort, identify and wonder at hundreds of specimens. Investigate the uses and properties of rocks, and learn how to read the  stories that rocks and fossils have to tell us.

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Earth Science Workshops

Dr Helen, professional palaeontologist & child-friendly scientist, brings EvolutionRocks & Fossils, games, challenges, knowledge & enthusiasm into your classroom to help you, the teachers, inspire a future generation of scientists & creative thinkers. Palaeoquest workshops are ideal for your Science Week or NC topics, & as enrichment or teambuilding activities. Dr Helen (BSc, MSc, PhD) has worked in universities & oil companies & has published her research in international journals. She now works with schools to provide hands-on, innovative & engaging STEM & Geography activities to pupils.... always backed up by real science.                      01442 828866

"Unearth" rocks and fossils, follow the clues they give us, and discover how different the world and its creatures were in the deep, deep past.

Enrichment & Teambuildi​ng:(KS2, KS3+)

 "Go Mapping"   "Palaeo-Puzzles" 

  "The Extinction Games"​     "Geo-Challenge"

    Bespoke Workshops

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Uncover the fossil evidence for evolution; meet your ancestors (and other extraordinary creatures from the past); take the Natural Selection Challenge; find out who adapted and who didn't .... and discover how this amazing process of inheritance and evolution actually happen.