Dr Helen, professional palaeontologist & child-friendly scientist, brings EvolutionRocks & Fossils, games, challenges, knowledge & enthusiasm into your classroom to help you, the teachers, inspire a future generation of scientists & creative thinkers. Palaeoquest workshops are ideal for your Science Week or NC topics, & as enrichment or teambuilding activities. Dr Helen (BSc, MSc, PhD) has worked in universities & oil companies & has published her research in international journals. She now works with schools to provide hands-on, innovative & engaging STEM, Geography & History activities to pupils.... always backed up by real science.                palaeoquest@btinternet.co.uk                01442 828866

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Evolve-Inherit-Adapt (KS2+)   Rocks & Fossils (KS2+)

Stone Age Explorers (KS1/2)​​  Dinosaur Hunters (KS1/2)

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​​​​Rock Mapping (KS3+)  Palaeo-Puzzles (KS3+)

The Extinction Games (KS3+)  Geo-Challenge (KS3+)

Prehistoric Detectives (age 4+)     School Science Day

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Uncover the fossil evidence for evolution; meet your ancestors (and other extraordinary creatures from the past); take the Natural Selection Challenge; find out who adapted and who didn't .... and discover how this amazing process of inheritance and evolution actually happen.

Science Workshops


Get hands-on with rocks, fossils, soils and artifacts. Unearth, examine, compare, sort, and investigate hundreds of specimens. Learn how to read the clues that the past has left for us.

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"Amazing with the children."      "Dr Helen is a fountain of knowledge." 

"Fantastic workshop. Really hands-on, investigative learning."

"Well-timed, well-paced, well-resourced activities for a range of needs, interests and learning styles."

"Fully engaged the children."      "Very relevant to the curriculum." 

"The children loved having a real scientist come to visit."

"Unearth" rocks and fossils, follow the clues they give us, and discover how different the world and its creatures were in the deep, deep past.